Sunday, November 7, 2010

More photos from repairing the barn

This picture shows a lot of what was in need of repair on the front of the barn.

The metal roof is in very rough shape in spots. It needs to be replaced soon because of the amount of water that makes it through is causing the wood and nails below to deteriorate, especially the floor of the hay loft. The remaining vent on top of the barn needs to be secured before it blows off.

It is over 41 feet from the ground to the ridge. I had avoided working above ground until this point. There are few reasons why I would have ever do anything above about 10 feet.

The siding was replaced with matching boards that were removed from an old caboose many years ago. We are lucky someone stashed them between the floor joist of the old barn until now. They are much smoother than the old weathered wood on the face of the barn.

We replaced the boards the main door rails were attached to and remounted the rails a little higher to keep the door from dragging on the ground. Most of the siding, soffit, and facia are repaired at this point but there is still a lot of work to be done before painting.

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