Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ice Cream Flavor Face-Off Vote for our favorite: 

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Progressive Dairyman is hosting an ice cream Flavor Face-Off to celebrate June is Dairy Month and July is Ice Cream Month. We were lucky enough to be chosen to help out. 
We chose Dryer's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to represent our farm.  It is the perfect combination. The creamy smooth vanilla melts in your mouth, and you gotta love the crunch of the chocolate chips and the texture of the cookie dough. After all, who doesn't make a batch of cookie dough just to eat half of it?
 So click here to go to the Progressive Dairyman Website right now to vote for our favorite flavor, I guess you can vote for your favorite if it is different than ours if you really, really, really, like another flavor. After the contest concludes they will randomly select a voter to win $100 worth of the winning ice cream. 
You can also see how fast you can recognize excellent ice cream by playing Dryer's Match a Snack It's a fun game for the kids (we know they are already asking you what to do for summer break) 
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Wendy K said...

Anything these kids like has to be good!