Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finally some paint

it was hard to draw a line at what boards we replaced and which ones we left. We could have spent a lot more time repairing but had to draw a reasonable line somewhere. After most of the damaged wood was removed we power washed the front of the barn. I like how it almost looks like the shadow is doing the washing. Then finished adding some of the missing trim pieces.

There was a rain storm that set us back for at least a week but after the wood dried back out we got a coat of primer on.

Then we painted a couple of boards to help us decide what color to paint the trim. The barn has always been straight white as far as I know but it was just too much white and needed a little contrast

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Nelson Family said...

Yay! I get to be the first to comment. From the pictures the barn is looking really go. We will have to drive by some time to see the real thing. It was good to see you guys in the "Big City". You're doing great. Keep it up.