Monday, May 30, 2011

Planting Tractors

2011-05-27 18.11.37

We have become quite good at planting tractors this year. I guess on the positive side of things we also have become fairly quick at pulling them out and a little better at stopping before we sink all the way to the axles, frame, and fuel tanks. These pics are of a time we didn't get that lucky and it took a lot of digging and placing railroad ties under the wheels to get us up out of the mud hole.

2011-05-27 18.12.17

I took a small chain out because my dad told me it should come right out but then volunteered to stay at the barn and milk while I took one of my workers out with our smaller tractor.  I think he knew it wouldn't be quite that easy. As soon as I looked at the far side of the tractor I knew we would be there a while. So we got shovels and started digging out from under everything and behind the wheels. My neighbor came out and went back for a heavier chain. Another neighbor had been watching from his farm on the hill and brought his tractor down also. We must have prepared good because we only had to use our tractor and it came right out.  When my neighbor went to leave he found a wet spot with his tractor and we nearly had to pull him out. I drove around the field for a while looking for a place I wouldn't sink while it was parked.
2011-05-27 18.11.26

My dad went back out and found another wet spot that wasn't anywhere near the spots we already found. I notice one of our railroad ties was missing and had to go shovel and poke around in the mud till I could find it in the previous spot You can click here to see us pulling it out the next morning, it was quite and easy pull. Luckily our neighbor was smart and offered to work our field with his much smaller and lighter tractor and disk. He was able to get most of our field disked which should help it dry if it ever quits raining on us.

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